Scaling Down

Now that I have switched from a job which was taking up way too much of my private time I now, hopefully, should have enough time on my hands to make a proper go at this Blogging lark.

I thought I would kick things off with a few links to some really impressive scale modelling videos I have seen recently while surfing the web for inspiration.

The first is unlike any scale modelling video I have ever witnessed. The author of the video showcases his, fairly crude, build of an aircraft carrier while installing explosive devices inside her in order to allow for some hilariously brilliant takes on a naval encounter as a finale.

Creatively thrifty and a hilarious ending

Next I would like to draw your attention to “Plasmo”. I thoroughly enjoy following this guy’s channel as he is quite thrifty in how he goes about building some very good quality models. His approach isn’t to just buy all the best materials pre-made and instead he opts for a more traditional DIY approach which is where this hobby is rooted in my opinion and something which seems to be overlooked by many content creators who no doubt receive funding for product placement. I mean, sometimes buying some great pre-made products is worth it if you are pushed for time or just don’t want to go to the effort of making your own but I still appreciate when content creators go to the extra bother of sharing with us some of their ways of making their models unique.

Without further a-do, please feast your eyes on his Churchill Mk IV Aqueduct diorama!

Always creative and always excellent, Plasmo’s Churchill IV Diorama

Lastly, and without kicking myself too hard for having not writing this on May 4th, is Kathy Millat’s Star Wars diorama scenes. Yes, two scenes for the price of one in this video.

In this video Kathy shows off her skills and shares her wisdom of diorama building while putting together a stunning display inclusive of model snow, 3D printed figures and even an LED filament as a lightsaber. Not bad Kathy!

Kathy Millat’s outstanding Star Wars scenes

If you have enjoyed my blog, please consider following for more of this kind of content. I’d love to hear about any scale modelling you have been up to yourself too and if you have any other cool videos please share them with me.

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